4 Habits That Create Lasting Happiness

No matter who we are, where we live, or what we do, we all want to live a life we love. Happiness is something that every person seeks, and though happiness exists in many different forms, and expresses itself differently for each individual, there are certain universal principles that can guide us all towards the kind of lasting peace and happiness we seek:


Our world has gotten very good at convincing us that life is about putting ourselves first. But how lasting is the happiness that kind of life pursues? Nothing compares to the feeling of being safe in the presence of a loved one. When we choose to let the whole world become loved ones to us, each person we encounter is like a member of our family, taking us one step closer to genuine peace.


Even non-religious people agree that our lives are profoundly affected by a force greater than ourselves. That force transcends the limits of what we understand, and as such, it can see things we cannot. When we look for and trust God`s guidance, we become connected to a powerful new perspective.


Love is the world’s most incredible natural resource: the more of it we give, the more it comes back to us! In fact, the only way it slows down is when we try to direct it all towards ourselves. While self-love is important, often the pick-me-up we need can be found in loving someone else.


We live in an “I want it now” culture, yet the most satisfying things are those which we work hard over time to attain. Whether it be choosing to study hard rather than taking shortcuts, or choosing to save physical intimacy for marriage, decisions made by putting the big picture ahead of our momentary desires creates results with lasting benefits. Reflect on what things of value exist around you. How long did the good stuff take to build?

Though our spiritual journey towards happiness is one that no one can walk for us, we do not have to be lonely as we walk it. Not everyone will understand our process, but many will! Forging connections with people who not only can relate to our experience, but can challenge us to become even better, is an integral part of discovering God in our lives.